Benefits of getting regular massages:

•Decrease anxiety

•Stress relief

•Increased flexibility/range of motion

•Reduced fatigue

•Pain relief

•Lower blood pressure

•Strengthens immune system


Swedish, Sports, Neuromuscular & Myofasical

30mins           $ 40.00

60mins           $ 75.00

90mins           $ 95.00

Massage menus can sometimes be confusing and intimidating. Trained in many different modalities, our therapists will talk with you and customize a treatment plan to meet your specific needs. And we don't charge more for deeper work!

1200 Ann Arbor Rd. Plymouth, MI : 734-737-9926

Hours 9am-8pm Mon-Sun

Myofascial Therapy-

Myofasical is a gentle, effective, deep tissue massage, which addresses distortion and chronic tissue patterns of strain incorporating stretching and range of motion techniques with the massage.

Swedish Massage-

This massage is a vey relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork. it combines oils and lotions with and array of strokes such as rolling, kneading, and percussion to help the body improve its circulation. The benefits of this type of bodywork are wide-ranging and include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhance mental clarity, improved appearance and greater flexibility.

Trigger Point Therapy-

Also know as Neuromuscular Therapy, is just as it good as it sounds. The therapist will work to "break up" and inactivated these points, allowing the muscle fibers to relax and bring relief from pain and increase range of motion and flexibility.

Specialty Massages:

Ashiatsu Massage- $95 per session

These techniques are ideal for those who desire a gratifying and results driven treatment, those who have chronic lower and upper back pain, mild scoliosis or sciatica, physically fit individuals, larger clients, athletes, and those who can never get enough pressure massage.


A Centers Signature Massage-$140 per 90min  session
"Say goodbye to Dry" .  Winter can be harsh on our skin.  It's time to soften up with a Center Signature pampering session.  We begin with a raw silk massage to slough off dead skin cells.  Then we treat tired muscles to a warm herb poultice. Ending with Swedish citrus massage (great for targeting cellulite).  A 90 minute session.

Chair Massage-$1 per min.

A quick way to relieve areas of tension in the neck, back & arms. Chair massages are done in 15-20 min increment. On site chair massage is also available for home or office functions.

Couples Massage & Instructions-$150 per 2 hours session

If you are looking for a way to help each other at home between professional massages; this fun, interactive 2 1/2 hr. session is just what you need. You will learn the techniques necessary to effectively give your partner a relaxing massage with out exhausting yourself. You'll receive a full body massage and you'll leave with new skills.

Foot & Hand Treatment-$25 per session

Exfoliate and soften those tired feet and hands with a citrus polish followed by a paraffin wax treatment and massage ( a must for any pampering session)

Hot Stone Massage- $85 per

Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy. Basalt lava stones are heated and incorporated into massage to bring penetrating warmth and deep relaxation to the muscle tissue. The perfect treatment to loosed tight muscles, relieves stress and ease tension. A truly amazing experience.

The Works-$150 per session

"The Works"  A truly heavenly experience, the works give you hot stone massage,  foot and hand treatments. Plan to be here for 2 hours and to feel renewed when you go!

Ultimate Facial-$50 per session

It's time to treat yourself using Pure Botanical Swiss formulated products. Contain both peel and hydrating mask.