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Easy paced Pilates and Yoga Great for everyone!

This is a great place! The Instructors are wonderful! It's small class size so you get individual  attention and I always feel great after each session.

The Center's Owner is a wonderful person and a fantastic Instructor.

Great Yoga class to go back to after not practicing Yoga for years! Can't wait to take my next one!

The Center is a beautifully run Yoga Studio, a perfect match of yoga practice and a very relaxed atmosphere.

Low key comfortable and kind staff.

Clean and cozy yoga room and building. Excellent instructors!

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I started practicing yoga at the Center in Plymouth a few months ago and have enjoyed every class I’ve taken!
The studio is well run, efficient and clean and the ambiance is warm and inviting. It’s minimalist philosophy of simplicity and beauty goes well with the yoga philosophy of individualized attention and competence. I have never felt so welcome and satisfied with my practice.
Margaret the owner and the many teachers, get all the credit and all the other students support her mission! Thank you all!

Usha Mangrulkar ❤️

I have been practicing yoga at The Center with Margie for about 1-1/2 years.
Margie gives clear and expert instruction on yoga poses and explains how the muscles are used during the different postures.  She also makes suggestions on using the proper breathing technique,  so I can get the most out of my workouts. 
Yoga has been a powerful tool for me.  It has made me more mindful about making good choices throughout my day.  Margie, you inspire me!  Thank you.  -Christina Clare

I have been taking Margie's classes for 2 years or so (Slow Flow) and have loved every one of them. Since taking yoga I have found new balance, flexibility and strength within myself. (AND it's improved my golf game!) Her classes are informative and very fun. No two classes are ever the same so one never gets tired of doing the same thing. Everyone works at their own tempo (Margie encourages this) and always offers alternate methods if anyone is having a problem. The gals that come to the classes are always wonderful and very fun. When I go out of town and have to skip going, I really miss Margie and all the ladies plus I've never found a yoga class that I enjoy as much as Margie's.
Thank you Margie for starting my Wednesdays and Fridays in such a wonderfully healthy way!  Namaste'  -Beth

I stopped by, to visit The center July of 2014. There I was met by a smiling and caring Margaret Antio. She showed me around, and not only invited me back, but let me know that she would be teaching any modifications I might need to further my practice. I love the atmosphere of serenity, peace and happiness. The  best part is that she ask the class for what they need each day, and she adjust the session to include those request. The warm temps of the studio making for much more comfortable practice and easier movements. The yoga bond increases as the ladies open up to each other, and we share in the beginning of each day for more flexibility and movement. My objective to continue yoga is the opening of my whole body to the heart center of life. -Marnie Britcher

I became interested in yoga about two years ago hoping to improve my core strength and balance as a beginning ball room dancer.Since yoga was a new concept for me, I started out in one of the Gentle Flow classes. I considered myself in good physical condition but found myself a bit shaky throughout the routines with no strength to hold a plank. Having persevered, I can say yoga improved the balance and core strength I needed on the dance floor to stay focused and complete those many spins and turns. At 71, I feel I'm in the best shape with more energy to be the best person I can be.Thank you Margaret and The Center for your encouragement by always coaching us to be positive and helping us to be our best!! Terri Swierb

On the advice of a massage therapist, I reluctantly decided to take yoga a couple years ago.  I tried a few places and really liked The Center Massage Yoga and Wellness Studio.  It is by far the most comfortable and welcoming yoga studio I have been to.  Both the instructor and class members meet and accept you where you are.  The best part is that Margaret does the class with you.  When I was new, I appreciated being able to watch her to see what a pose was supposed to look like.  Now, I find myself missing it when I can’t make it to class.  Yoga has made a positive difference in how my body feels. - Kara

Finding The Center is honestly one of the biggest "blessings in disguise" in my life this year.
Struggling with depression for many years, yoga has been my number one escape. I've practiced Bikram yoga for years and I knew it was time to open up my practice to new things. The center has been the best place for that. It's more than just a studio, it's a little yogi community and I've felt nothing but welcomed since day one! I take all of the week night classes and I love that Margie's core yoga classes have more of a mellow touch to them where I can just focus on my breath and movement; but Marisa's classes have a high energy vibe where you always break a sweat and feel leaving great and energized! Marisa even stays after classes and helps me perfect my form or work on different things for an extra 5 minutes just because.
I've formed great relationships with both Margie and Marisa already and I'm proud to tell people I practice yoga at The Center.  -Maricia Torok

​​I have always wanted to practice yoga, but it was easy to come up with reasons not to learn -- I don't know anything about it, so it's intimidating, I don't have enough time, I'm not sure where to go, etc. 
Now that I'm retired, there are no more excuses. Last year, for Christmas, my daughter gave me a yoga mat and a gift certificate for the Center. She said, I know you will like it, and now that you are retired you will have time to go. I am so glad she did and that she chose the Center! I had my one-year anniversary last month and I feel so much stronger and so much more empowered. 
I love the positive energy and welcoming atmosphere at the Center.   Margaret and the other instructors take the time to make sure everyone understands and is doing the poses properly. The classes are fun and challenging at the same time. I have learned how to breathe deeply and calm my mind and body. The mind/body connection is a very powerful thing! I have made a lot of new friends and am so grateful for our little yoga community. In this next phase of my life journey, I cannot imagine it without yoga. 

Thank you all and Namaste!
Gloria Burcham

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The Center is a special place.   No, they don't offer magical weight loss plans or a secret way to beat stress or even tout a clean eating regimen. (Although advice is given if you ask)    What they DO offer is solid, well taught, well practiced yoga, ready made for all shapes and sizes and with no preconceived expectations other that you be present and roll out your mat. 
I have been attending classes since last May or June and it has really been life changing for me.  I am so much stronger mentally and physically, and have stress relief techniques that work!!  I have met so many wonderful, kind people in the classes who just enhance the experience! 
The staff of instructors are friendly, patient, knowledgeable and helpful no matter what your level of expertise is.
I absolutely love this place and would recommend it to anyone looking for a second "home ".   Glenda S.

My mom and I started taking yoga classes at The Center a little over a year ago, and I am so happy we did! The Center is so warm and inviting and Margie is an awesome instructor. She always encourages her students to be the best they can be, and changes up class routines so that we never get bored. I always leave The Center feeling like I got a great workout in, and it is a great end to my busy days. Thank You Margie and The Center Staff for continuing to be such a positive influence in my life.  -Alexandra Albright

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I've been coming to The Center since 2014.  I enjoy the classes and they help me tremendously with increased strength and flexibility.  My foot was broken in 2016 and then I had a re-injury and I really missed yoga during my recovery times!  I still have to wear shoes to protect my sore foot and I appreciate that Margie is very understanding of this and of all our individual needs.  She always shows us how to adjust our positions for any physical limitations and that is extremely helpful!!    All the people at The Center are very nice and welcoming!  - Jenny Boebinger

When my boyfriend and I bought a Groupon to try yoga at The Center last year, I figured that it would be a fun experience; little did I know that it would literally change my life! Up until then, I’d never tried even a single yoga pose. I admit to having many preconceived notions about it too, including the assumption that yoga couldn’t take the place of a “real workout.” How wrong I was!
It was pure luck that helped me find The Center last November, and I am grateful for it every day. How lucky it was for my first experiences with yoga to be with such patient, experienced and completely unpretentious instructors. In no time flat, I was swapping out other activities for time at the studio. The various classes always teach me something new—even ones that I attend regularly. Best of all, I connect with so many amazing people from the local community—people of many ages, backgrounds and walks of life who are drawn together thanks to Margie, the woman behind it all!
For me, yoga is about way more than striking that perfect pose or sculpting a toned body. It’s about pushing yourself hard and then letting yourself find peace. It’s about sharing power and strength with everyone in the room and drawing it from those around you. I sincerely wish that every person I know would go hit up at least a few classes at The Center. Young, old, athletic, sedentary, man, woman—regardless of who you are or your past experiences or anything else, you will be welcomed with open arms by the lovely people who run this amazing studio.
Thanks again for honoring me with Student of the Month! I look forward to another awesome year forging new friendships and experiences at The Center!   
                                                                                                                                                   Meaghan R.

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