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Child/Student Health Information Form and Waiver

Desired Class:________________________________________Date_____________Times___________

Participant Name: ____________________________________ ____________    Age_______Grade_________School______________________

Parents Name_______________________________________ email address_______________________________________________________


Please list 2 Emergency contacts....  names  and phone numbers: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is this the student’s first yoga class? __________ If not, where have they practiced yoga? ____________________ For how long?:__________

Are there physical conditions or limitations the Instructor should be aware of? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Does the student have any health concerns the Instructor should be aware of? _________ If yes, please list:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yoga Participant Waiver

I, _____________________________________________(parent)  herby authorize _____________________________________(child) to participate in yoga classes at The Center. I AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING:I am aware that participation in a sport or Yoga may result in accident or injury and by signing this waiver I assume any and all risks connected with the participation in Yoga.  I represent that ____________________________________________(child)  is  in good health and suffers from no physical impairment which would limit him/her from the Yoga taught by The Center and/or its representatives .  I acknowledge that The Center and/or its representatives have not and will not render any medical services including medical diagnosis of a  physical condition.

I agree specifically that The Center and/or its representatives shall not be liable for any claim, demand or cause of any action of any kind resulting from participation in Yoga  or related to my use of the facilities within or without the premises.

I have read the above release and waiver of liability and fully understand its contents.By signing this form I agree that all the above information is accurate and I agree to the terms and conditions stated on this form.

Parent's signature_______________________________________________________________________________________


The kids loved it so much this summer, were doing it again!!

Whether you've been experiencing the benefits of a personal yoga practice yourself or just  "heard that yoga is good for you",  there's no denying the myriad of benefits.   It's never too early to help your little ones find the tools to calm their spirit and hone positive body awareness.   

Here's the plan:

3 to 7 year olds are welcome

Class will be 11:00 am on Saturdays. 

The classes will run in a 6 class segment beginning Saturday September 23rd

The Cost is $51.00 per student and space is limited

Please know that pre-registration is a must!!!


To register and get any questions answered, contact Margaret at (734)737-9926


Email at  thecenteryoga@yahoo.com