Time and again, clients will ask if yoga can help their golf game. The answer is a resounding YES! These days there is no denying the benefits of adding yoga to your wellness portfolio. Topping the list is an increase in flexibility, range of motion in the joints and honing mental concentration.

The emphasis on yogic breathing and mind-body connection in yoga is essential in helping athletes develop mental acuity, patience and concentration. Learning to be present in each moment on the course will result in a more fluid, enjoyable game. A strong Core and fluid movement will allow you to bring your best game each time you hit the course.

Want to read more? Click here for a great article on the benefits pro golfers are enjoying by hitting the mat and finding their Zen.

Golf RX Intro to Yoga Workshop
 Thursday  June 29th     5PM to 6PM  

The cost is $15.00 and attendees will be given a coupon code to receive a discount on future classes. Contact The Center at  or Visit the Class Scheduler to register online under the Scheduler tab

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Whether you've been experiencing the benefits of a personal yoga practice yourself or just  "heard that yoga is good for you",  there's no denying the myriad of benefits.   It's never too early to help your little ones find the tools to calm their spirit and hone positive body awareness.  Join us as we make good use of their summer vacation with 6 yoga classes.  

Here's the plan:

Two age groups:

2 to 4 yrs old  Tuesdays at 10:30am

5 to 7 yrs old  Wednesdays at 2:00pm

The classes will run in a 6 class segment beginning Tuesday June 27th and Wednesday June 28th.

 Classes for 2 to 4 yr old are June 27, July 11, 18 & 26, August 1 & 15

Classes for 5 to 7 yr old are  June 28, July 12, 18 & 27, August 2 & 16

The cost for all 6 classes is only $51.00 per child.   There is a discount for siblings attending together.  

To register and get any questions answered, contact us at (734)737-9926 or 

Email me at