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All of our classes are offered at a $10.00 drop in rate or purchase a 10 Class punch card which allows you the flexibility to pick and choose any class..any time..any day.

Punch cards are $89.00. A full punch card can be used toward 30% off any service offered here at the Center.  Please visit Our Services page for more on the many professionals here to help you Reclaim and Maintain your Good Health.

*please note: The Center recommends not to eat right before any fitness class, please allow up to one or two hours after meal.





Current Class Schedule 


Monday-Sculpt & Tone Yoga -6:30 PM


Tuesday- Gentle Flow- 5:15 PM

Mat Pilates -6:30 PM


 Wednesday-Gentle Flow -10:00 AM

 Core Yoga -6:00 PM


 Thursday-Vinyasa Flow- 6:30 PM


 Friday- Gentle Flow - 10:00 AM

Gentle Flow- 5:30 PM



The Center would like to welcome Sensei Carole M. Morrone.  Carole is a  6th Degree Black Belt in the Japanese Martial Art of Shotokan Karate.  Senei Morrone will be holding classes here at the Center beginning in March. You can find her class descriptions below and her bio on our staff page.  Please contact Carole directly to register for classes

Tuesdays at 7:45
Thursdays at 7:45
Saturday at 10:00
Saturday at 11:15










Vinyasa Flow


 This class will teach the basic postures found in all types of yoga but is based on the Ashtanga practice.  Participants will learn to breathe, move and then combine the two in a Vinyasa flow to achieve strength and flexibility.   Teen girls are welcome and those who practice other sports will attain a cross training experience.  We will learn the connection between body and mind that can’t be explained…only practiced.  




Core Yoga

This class is very beginner friendly, based on traditional hatha yoga (lots of stretching & toning), and we do focus on core stability quite a bit. Core stability is critical in maintaining healthy backs and strong centered bodies. My years as a massage therapist bring an anatomical approach to the classes.




 Mat Pilates

Are you interested in improving your health? Do you want to improve your core strength? Do you want to try exercise to lower back, hips, or leg pain by exercise?

Beginner Friendly

Core strength is essential to low back health and total body wellness. this class will lead you through a basic pilates  routine that is as friendly for beginners as it is for more experienced students.




Gentle Flow Yoga


Designed with everyone from the beginner to the more advanced student in mind.  We move at a slower pace with focus on our alignment, breath and, as always, core strength.  Don’t let the name fool you, you will be surprised what a wonderful workout this can be




Sculpt and Tone Yoga

image This class incorporates the flowing sequences found in our traditional Hatha Yoga classes but with the added strength of light hand weights.  This class is designed to strengthen us from the inside out, reminding us that everything is an extension of the core. The weights are kept light to avoid injury and allowing us to maintain the breath and easy flow that is so essential not only in our workout, but throughout our days.  Core strength is maintained throughout the class and we end with gentle stretching. A yoga mat is necessary. Weights are provided in this 60 minute class.  





Japanese Shotokan Karate


Classes in Japanese Shotokan Karate are very structured, beginning with a warm up period including cardio, stretching, and strengthening exercises.  Class will consist of the three basic areas of traditional Shotokan training, Kihon (basics), Kata (forms) and Kumite (sparring).Classes are vigorous, athletic and technical.  Get physically fit, relieve stress, while developing your ability to defend yourself and loved ones. All students are encouraged to develop their potential, both physically and mentally.  Discipline, honor and integrity apply not only on the dojo training floor but in all aspects of everyday life. Training is applicable for all age groups (starting at 9 years old), with emphasis on the elements of self-defense.  Class size is small and individual instruction is provided for all students.