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Who will benefit from a Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage?

These techniques are ideal for those who desire a gratifying and results driven treatment, those who have chronic lower and upper back pain, mild scoliosis or sciatica, physically fit individuals, larger clients, athletes, and those who can never get enough pressure massage.

Ashiatsu massage also addresses tight or painful hamstrings, calf muscles, quadriceps, tight IT bands and, of course, clients who just feel tense and achy.

Clients seeking improved posture and movement, pain relief and state of well being should consider Ashiatsu.

What should I expect from my session?

Clean, soft feet will apply deep compression and long flowing strokes to bring about structural changes in chronically tight muscles & tissues, while invoking a state of deep relaxation. This unique work is formed with soothing strokes that are applied to the body using hand and foot pressure to milk the muscles, innervate the lymphatic system and melt the stress.

The pressure will be deeper than traditional massage, without any pain or discomfort.

What is Ashiatsu Massage?

(Ashi means "foot" and atsu means "pressure") Ashiatsu is a massage technique that dates back as far as the 12th century. massaging the body with the feet is a hallmark of bodywork throughout India, japan, China Thailand, Africa and the Philippines.

In today's more Americanized version of Barefoot Ashiatsu, the therapist uses an overhead system of hand- held bars for balance.